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Fuel tank capacity. 95 gallons (360 liters) Ground pressure. 8.63 psi (0.60 kg/cm2) Performance. Speed on land. 41 mi/h (66 km/h) Speed in water, with track. 3.6 mi/h (5.8 km/h). #E55 #AMGUpgraded my 2004 E55 AMG to just north of 600hp.Beat bang for the buck for Horsepower.Added about 150hp for under $2000 and unleashed the sound of t. .

The M113 engine is a potent powerplant. Through rigorous testing, on both the street and dyno , the Weistec M113 ECU Upgrade reliably extracts massive gains in the mid range of the powerband as well as substantial gains in the top end making it a top performer in all driving situations Mercedes Benz AMG M113 ECU Tune E55 C55 SLK55 | Weistec.

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Оставайтесь рядом с близкими, где бы вы ни были! Войдите в bb, чтобы начать делиться и общаться с друзьями, семьей и людьми, которых вы знаете. 13 MV Agusta F4RC. AutoEvolution. According to the MV Agusta website, the new F4RC is a street-legal superbike with 212 horsepower, 175kg (385 lbs) in dry weight, 302 km/h (188 mph) maximum speed, and a starting price of over $45,000. They also call it one of the rarest and most collectible motorbikes in history.

Kleemann is known to supply some of the best tuning solutions for all models with the supercharged as well the normally aspirated versions of the 55 AMG V8 engines. 55 AMG N/A (M113) – N/A tuning 55-K1(N/A): An optimized ECU software upgrade. Up to 385 HP and 545 Nm (404 lb-ft) of torque. 55-K2(N/A): K1 + a set of stainless steel tubular exhaust headers and.

M113K Forged Pistons were designed and manufactured to address the weaknesses of the OEM M113K pistons. Our 2618-T61 forged pistons feature larger ring lands, improved piston dish, skirts, and wristpin mounting while still weighing less than the OEM pistons. Stronger yet lighter 9310 Steel Wrist Pins are included with our forged pistons.

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